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Displays temperature & humidity

Transmits environmental data to an Internet gateway (Gateway included at no additional charge)
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Early warning alerts notify you before extreme temperature or humidity levels
  • View your sensor data with a smartphone, tablet or computer
  • One remote temperature/humidity sensor included
  • Free La Crosse Alerts Mobile App download
  • Includes lifetime online monitoring and 3 months of early warning alerts via text and e-mail
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    • Remote temperature range: -40.0°C to 60.0°C
    • Remote humidity range: 3% to 99%
    • Temperature resolution: 0.2°F (-16.6667°C)
    • Power requirements (remote sensor): 2 AAA alkaline batteries
    • Power requirements (wireless gateway): AC adapter (included)
    • Battery life wireless outdoor sensor: up to 2 years
    • Transmission frequency: 915 MHz
    • Transmission range: up to 200m open air
    • High-speed Internet connection – cable, DSL or other broadband. NOTE: If you only have a dial-up internet connection, La Crosse Alerts Mobile will not work.
    • Router or broadband modem with the built-in router (contact your internet service provider for information on compatibility with their service).
    • iPhone & Android Compatible
    • Valid e-mail address – required to make sure you can retrieve your password and receive other information regarding your user profile.
    • A reasonably current Windows, Macintosh, or Linux PC with internet browser installed for initial set up and configuration.
    • Program to view Microsoft® Excel formatted files (not included)

    • Home, business, rentals and vacation homes
      Basements, garages, and attics
      Food storage and sensitive electronics
      Greenhouses, pet care and much more

      Use a smartphone, tablet or computer to remotely monitor temperature and humidity levels that affect your home, business, vacation home or rentals. Protect your property. Prevent frozen pipes, mold growth, and food spoilage. This system includes a wireless sensor that measures ambient temperature and humidity and a gateway to enable remote monitoring. Monitor indoor temperature and humidity with the sensor.  Receive e-mail and text alerts for temperature and humidity readings outside of your parameters, connection loss and low battery charge.

      Please Note: Includes lifetime online monitoring and 3 months FREE of enhanced alerts via e-mail or text message*. You may continue this service after the initial three months by renewing directly with La Crosse Alerts Mobile. Annual subscription fee applies for each registered sensor. is your system's homepage (high-speed internet and router or broadband modem with the built-in router is required): Use the online control panel for 24/7 monitoring anywhere with Internet. View current readings or a 7-day history graph. Change alert settings anytime or download the measurement log. You can also view current air temperature and relative humidity readings on the sensor's LCD screen.

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